At BEMPU Health, we believe that every newborn deserves a chance at a happy and healthy life.

To enable this, we offer life-saving products that help babies around the world.

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The BEMPU TempWatch has been reviewed and approved for use by the Government of India (MoHFW), USAID, Gates Foundation, Govt of Papua New Guinea




The BEMPU TempWatch monitors a baby's temperature and alerts the parent to warm their baby or to provide Kangaroo Care when hypothermic.

The BEMPU KangaSling is a wearable device that lets a caretaker perform prolonged Kangaroo Care (method of skin to skin care) with ease.

The BEMPU ApneBoot is a novel detection and stimulation device that helps automatically resolve neonatal apnea before prolonged hypoxia can cause injury.

The BEMPU UBT-Kit is a Uterine Balloon Tamponade system that helps manage and treat postpartum haemorrhage.


Impact in India

We are constantly working to expand our reach across India, ensuring that babies from all geographies benefit from the lifesaving capabilities of the BEMPU TempWatch.

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