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We didn't expect to have a preterm baby, so when we did, we were quite overwhelmed. We bought a TempWatch based on our doctor’s recommendation. It made us feel like we had a doctor at home and helped us manage our baby's health very smoothly!

- Mahesh and Kavitha, Bempu Parents


The BEMPU TempWatch was very easy to use.
We never had to worry about the baby’s temperature dropping as the BEMPU device would alarm and let us know when to warm our baby or provide Kangaroo Care.

- Vineesh Joseph, Bempu Parent


The TempWatch has really helped reduce stress for parents once they leave the controlled environment of the NICU. The BEMPU bracelet reassures them that their baby’s temperature is within the normal range that its supposed to maintain.

- Dr. Sanjay Wazir, Clinical Advisor


I found the sling very useful, the sling was secure and held the baby close to me while providing Kangaroo Care. The sling fit perfectly on my baby as well and provided ample support for her neck.

- Ranjani Mohanakumar, BEMPU Parent


My doctor recommended KangaSling when my baby and I were in the hospital. I am using it at home and it helps a lot as I can move around wearing the sling with my hands-free.

- Pooja Sharma, BEMPU Parent